The Dawn of the Witch #05 — Atelier Seyville

May 5th, 2022


Special thank you to last week's next episode preview for setting expectations at rock bottom.

FYI, this show's after episode 6 next week, the show's off for a week


Quite the half-assed episode. Yes, shocking that the two main characters back from the previous series aren't evil, but they literally just yada yada'd over both Boobs and Lizard being 'tested.' Yeah, they sure showed their resolve… offscreen somewhere when being threatened once. Oh, and you're telling me that countless people have been tested like this and all failed. Well, gee, what tremendous resolve they have by… resisting when threatened. Oh, but they wanted to get rid of them all because they're too awesome? Just send out these ticking timebombs into the world on their own? Yeah, that also totally makes sense.

You had a good argument there for killing them for the safety of the world, and all manner of ways the protagonists could have argued their own self-worth, self-determination, or general goodness, particularly since two of them are a bit suicidal, and the only one you chose to focus on was the one dude who decided to be suicidal but was stopped with fanservice partway. Instead, we spend half the episode copying the first 10 minutes of Any Atelier Game Ever, practically verbatim, before an out-of-nowhere infodump of Angsty's tragic past and family tree of evilest wizards. Okay, so… you see the seeds of evil in him too somewhere? That seems like something we could've done instead of a five minute stare off into discussion about how they have to open up an atelier and do requests for the townsfolk.

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