Summer Time Render #07 — Head Pops

May 26th, 2022


Mmm juicy.

I legitimately forgot about Ikkitousen's miniseries's second episode on Tuesday. In my defense, it was even worse than the first. Hakufu went to an island of zombies and skeletons to train, but was given a sword too long for her to draw, so took a bath and fell off a cliff before her spider sense told her that her friend was in danger. Uh… yeah. I think we can just ignore that now.


That's more like it. Not so much the weird exposition about Boobs McGee, who is housing the soul of her murdered brother or something. But the taking the fight to the monsters and popping their heads with a sledgehammer while also raising philosophical questions about whether they can actually replace the people they copy, which is a relevant question about Ushio, though not so much for a cackling sadistic serial killer child murderer. I guess the tidbit that the kid version is somehow different and doesn't much want to be eaten by the alpha shadow or whatever is of note too.

They could still stand to up the pacing a bit though. The fight with the shadows was slowed down massively by having to cut aside to two dudes thirty feet away having a discussion about her trauma-induced schizophrenia. Not the deftest of presentations there, even before they had to crank everything into slowdown just to fit all of it in. Give me a tense, brutal, visceral scene instead. The more you're distracted by infodumping background story in the peanut gallery, the harder it is to get immersed in the monster fighting.

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