Summer Time Render #06 — Upside Down Boob Window

May 19th, 2022


Weird flex, but okay.

For the third time, Dawn of the Witch is off this week for no particular reason.


A very exposition heavy episode, and I long ago grew out of just wanting to summarize things unless said things were crazy enough to be funny to try to recount. The big few are showing how to fight the shadows more generally, by attacking, uh, their shadows, that this shadow attack is different and more aggressive than previous ones, and a general summary about that one whole family being kind of shadow swarm ground zero. I do think that it's funny that apparently this girl is some kind of semi-famous author that everybody has chosen to kind of ignore, same as how they all just ignored her kicking off the top of the coffin and fondling the corpse in presumably every loop. That seems like it'd be something that'd at least be gossip that got around.

Again, it's incredibly nice to have characters who are competent, observant, and don't screw around, both with trying to protect people around them just because, you know… they're people being murdered by monsters. But now that I got Stranger Things in my head, I can't help but mentally compare the two, and the pacing here is quite wanting. They definitely could've milked assassinating Mustache Dude's shadow instead of a recap of Mio's underwear situation, or the 'indecipherable' code that was instantly deciphered, or flashbacks about how the taciturn woman who disrupts funerals and likes to hang upside down to fully display the boob window is a bit socially off kilter. 


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