Summer Time Render #05 — Legion

May 12th, 2022


Whole lot of gaping head wounds this week.

Sorry this is a bit delayed. Irregular work meeting this morning that both started late and then ran extremely long. So much so that a followup got scheduled for next week too.


It's very silly to say this, but I think my favorite moment of the episode was probably at the very end as Shinpei was trying to put all the crap together, get things straight, and figure out the next steps… set to mostly tying his hair up in bun. Oh damn. Dramatic man bun. Now we're serious. I do think that it not only could, but should be leaning a lot more into the slasher side of things. It's bloody, sure, but still PG-13. Maybe it's because it's tied at the hip to Disney+, but even Doctor Who goes harder into horror than splatters of blood and heads vaporizing. This is the perfect time to be gratuitous and violent, not use magical shadow shotgun beams.

Which isn't to say that the rest was all that bad, but… well, if you've watched Stranger Things's third season, it was basically the scene of all the flayed being zwooped up into the monster, except in this case, instead of being a five minute ending scene of impending dread, it took nearly 90% of the episode, and ending up a giant grotesque roaring monster, it goes "meet my mom, a fetish loli." Which is… uh… Let's say that Stranger Things had a better idea and approach to both horror and monsters. There were some other tidbits here and there; some random village has a pet shadow buddy, Ushio and Boobs both are able to hurt the monsters, but nigh on ten minutes alone listening to a large blob drone on has a way of draining tension out of any scene.

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