Kunoichi Tsubaki #08 — Feral Hogs

May 28th, 2022


But not 30-50.


It's hard to believe this series somehow had some of the better action choreography for this season, especially when it's teasing that it might do another one of those scenes, and then decides to just futz off. Literally. Team Pig, the BMOCs, roll into town, get into a fight over a backhanded compliment because just the word "stupid" sets them off, then they go wandering off into a swamp because they are indeed stupid. We have enough of the idiots in this show already. If you want to add more, at least make them do something. Showing up and then wandering off again ain't it.

The second half was the screamy purple one's sad backstory about how she was antisocial and a bully, but Tsubaki won her over by carrying her around. The main takeaway here is that the character designs look absolutely nightmarish as even younger. I get the struggle. You're already drawing elongated five year olds and saying that they're preteens. Now we're just de-longating them, which leaves ginormous heads and foreheads you could land a helicopter on, slapped onto matchstick bodies that cannot possibly support their own weight. These are not human children. These are the things that make chittering noises as they rush out of a cornfield to strip your flesh under a blood moon.


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