Kunoichi Tsubaki #07 — Face Off

May 21st, 2022


I hate the midseason padding time.


Why does this stupid character get multiple episodes in a row? Her schtick of "wears mask" and "has excessive eyelashes" is not something to base two entire episodes around. Granted, it was technically more about the screaming pink thing, but I've made my distaste of her, and screaming in general, pretty clear. Like Spy Family, each episode seems to be drifting away from the few things at the start that had at least a little promise; the fights, the ninja-ing, the life lessons from creepy twins, and just padding out the runtime with nothing whatsoever.

The real kickers of this episode were how godawful the endings to both segments were. You tried to bully me into taking off my mask, so now I have the courage to take off my mask. Now praise for everybody for being such great people in how they… huh. Not sure what they did. Then we get to the second bit. Come see me in secret and let absolutely nobody else know. We have things to discuss. Anyway, be careful talking about secrets. Oh, and I almost forgot, keep up the good work. Great talk. Definitely needed to be in secret, in the middle of the night, and nobody must know about it. Now, repeat the end speech from the first segment for no particular reason. 

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