Kunoichi Tsubaki #06 — DICKS!

May 14th, 2022


Don't taunt crotches.


Next week better have some kind of action scene, preferably involving the better pink thing. The first half was mainly the entire cast screaming "dicks!" while the second half was an over-long bath scene, and neither were as exciting as I'm sure I'm making them sound. Hell, the ED plays and then it just goes "anyway, here's a two minute montage of all the times we spent some effort on the animation." It's an interesting strategy to remind us of the times when the show didn't suck after a whole episode of sucking.

Ostensibly, it was an episode about a new girl from Boyville, but she may as well have been a sack of dildos for as much presence as she had. She wears a mask, is embarrassed, and… uh… teaches them the word dicks? Has summoning powers? That's it. They consider grilling her on boy stuff, but don't. They get pissy about her being the hot new thing, but immediately pass out and get the bitchiness out of their system immediately. There ain't much substance here, even when the standard was "girls learn a valuable lesson about teamwork."


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