Kunoichi Tsubaki #05 — Small Screaming Things

May 7th, 2022


Ow, my ears.


Oh, right. These two characters. They're why, aside from last week and the occasional action scene, I was getting pretty fed up with this show. The shrieking imbeciles. The two segments weren't even ostensibly about them, but about a bully who has a complex about being the cutest in the room stealing food, and a brat who has a complex about being inept and doted upon. The former part especially reeks of a one page gag about Tsubaki being too embarrassed to say she's cute herself that somehow got stretched out to ten minutes through the power of lots and lots of screaming, but particularly in the way they started explaining and then rules lawyering over foragables. Yeah, that's definitely an important part whether we're focusing on the characters or the comedy. Where would we be without knowing the details of scavenger ownership rights in this setting.

The second half was marginally better, up until the purple one took center stage and began screaming her goddamned bloody head off like a fire engine. Being a massive jackass at that. They could've at least gone with a jealousy angle, or both learned that the grass is always greener instead of being an unrepentant screaming dickweed. Or put a bit more effort into the fight, which was still far above the 'action' delivered by Virgin Road or Dawn of the Witch this week, which is more an indictment of their production woes than a compliment to this one's poor showing compared to its past random sparring s


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