Birdo Wing #09 — Reboot

May 31st, 2022


Things got too wacky, huh?


I don't know that I can say how the show should go from its arc about fighting smelly yakuza over land deals while spitting on the handicapped. Maybe piloting giant robots on the moon, or using golf to save the world from an asteroid. I can say for certain that going to golf high school is the incorrect direction though. The extremely incorrect direction. Who made it through episodes of screaming at balls, underground mechanized golf tournaments, being shot in the face over golf, virtual reality MMO cosplay golf, and thought to themself "This is way too wacky. We need to remove all of that." It is further evidence on the pile that nobody making this has any idea whatsoever what they're doing, and zero actual direction in mind for the show to take.

Hell, this episode is almost like a hard reboot of the whole show, new main character and everything. Eve is still there and clearly the protagonist, but we're introducing to it now being Generic Sports Themed High School through the eyes of Random Mousy Girl who has her own totally platonic overly clingy girlfriend, and the introduction is just "This is a golf high school." Unless this school houses a golf themed Sweeny Todd, or is secretly a government program to beat the Ruskie plutonium powered golf master, this is not how you're going to get me to sit through another month of the show.


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One Lonely Comment

  • Joshua says:

    No no no, why are they holding back now? I only came into this series because I was hearing how crazy this golf anime was, combined with the mafia shit, and yet they’re pivoting towards high school antics now? This is such a horrible time to show some restraint all of a sudden at a time like this, especially after the dark shit that happened last episode.