Birdo Wing #08 — Spitting on the Underprivileged

May 24th, 2022


Um, well, that sure is a hook.


Okay, so… let me see if I have this right. Eve, the privileged one, gets to run off to high society from her natural talent, literally throwing a trail of money behind her, now with everything that she could ever dream of thanks to winning one time. Not just winning, but taunting her opponent by styling on them with a trick shot. But she's super duper sad because her family meant so much. Rose, meanwhile, once a super star, now handicapped and struggling, gets thrown away by her mentor for a younger, prettier, better girl, and in the end, gets to die in a ditch. 

That's… uh, quite the direction to take. Granted, doing a supervillain and then saying that they're actually the protagonist is somewhat more rare for the anime industry than just slapping a weepy flashback onto the antagonist and pretending that rounds them out, but it ain't rare either. Why are we supposed to be rooting for Eve here? Has she struggled at all even once? They say she's poor, but she's playing professional golf. She goes to elite golf VR arcades. She bullies people into chauffeuring her in their Mazaratis. Which is to say that about half of this episode was just continuing that last hole, and the rest crapping on Rose for being not as good as Eve before seemingly putting a bullet in her head for no good reason. I'll believe it when I see the corpse, but that'd still be a goddamned weird thing to fake in a dumbass golf show about screaming at balls.

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