Birdie Wing #05 — “Honour is Me!”

May 3rd, 2022


Now that's texting.


This will probably not come as a surprise, but this show does not hold my interest in the slightest when it's not about crazy-ass crap like goth cosplay wannabe golfers with stinky boobs, or angrily screaming at balls to embarrass rich girls. The next episode preview was the best part of this episode by far, featuring the return of the goth wannabe, rocket launchers, car chases, and gun fights. You know, the kind of normal things to find in a golf anime. 

But since most of this episode was spent on the No Fun Allowed glasses girl being a wet towel, it wasn't until Blondie randomly flounced over to a VR golf arcade to play some cosplay MMO golf against nobody that my interest blipped even slightly. And yes, that sentence is… what it is. Sure, eventually the other one showed up in her own stupid costume to plaintively wail FRIENDSHIP, but… yes. We had to fit in some weird fanservice somehow before yanking her away right when the FRRIIIEEEENNNNNDDDSSSHHHIIIPPPP promise was at its friendshippiest. Just… just do each other already.


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One Lonely Comment

  • ark noir says:

    I was hoping for a isekai mini arc that eve got trapped in that vr with stinky tits and that transforming golf course with more forms than Sixshot.

    I just glad freckles was bawling at the end. Kevin rang and said karma is a bitch.