Tokyo’s 24th Ward #12 — Don’t Worry, You’re Already Dead

April 6th, 2022


Uh… huh.


And so we come to our inevitable dumb conclusion of probably the best comedy of last season that was in no way, shape, or form a comedy. Can we all appreciate that the final 'choice' given to them was to give the drive to Team Punk which would result in the criminals being jailed, the system being shut down, and society continuing as usual, or to give the drive to Team Nerd so that they could install a fascist dystopia. This choice truly is one that nobody could make, which is why they reject either choice, and pick choice A. Yeah, you read that right. They can't do either, so they go talk to her (while she tries to murder them for doing so) and then go with the first anyway, but without punishing any of the crazy-ass criminals who experimented on and murdered the poors as part of their fascist mind control social engineering. This was certainly a happy ending and justice for everybody.

Also never mind that the protagonists didn't actually do squat. They geared up so they could punch a couple cops, kicked in the door to fascist HQ, and then she just up and broadcast the whole deal to everybody and Bob's your uncle. Sure is good they were all there to… uh… having generalized emotions? Tell her that sure, you're dead and strapped to a hellish machine meant to oppress society, but look on the bright side, we're not here to save you, or even consider it. You seem totally conscious and cognizant, possibly some new form of sentient life who could use a truckload of therapy because of your suicidal and murderous ideations, but you're dead, and we can go on without your help. This is the uplifting message we end things with. Yeah, this is definitely a comedy.


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