The Dawn of the Witch #04 — But Friends!

April 28th, 2022


This episode went from extremely boring to complete mess very abruptly.


Man, the awful animation continues to do this show no favors whatsoever. Nor does its construction. You put everything at the end of the episode, and then immediately follow it up with a next episode preview that goes "Yeah, uh, all this stuff? It ain't going anywhere and next week is mainly back to flashbacks, but there's totally gonna be kissing!" Is that really what the audience was clamoring for? I suppose possibly. Gotta get the Louise character into the harem as well as Boobs McGee and the Lizard, which is a great band name, please don't steal. Good thing we skipped the ED so we could stand around the village for another ten minutes remarking on how mysterious and sinister abandoned buildings are.

Anyway, most of the episode was spent piffling around how the village has a resident evil witch doing… uh, something. It's evil though, trust us. And the sinister priest is sinister. Good ol' Seyville continues to be suicidal, which makes Tits Antlerhead sad, but he'll do his best for his friends, because he likes friends. We're not quite living up to the 'high' water mark of a show like Seven Knights here, and I'm pretty sure White Bread is not going to come out as a shapeshifting monster unconvincingly trying to ape humans. SKR still focused on the other characters and stories about them though, while this only has a hojillion obviously sinister people who are also pretty clearly phoning in the evil with their fanservice proclivities and inability to live up to the mangling and dismemberment we've already had, even before the awful animation and next episode preview ruin the whole act.

Next Episode:

The hareming.

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One Lonely Comment

  • NeclordX says:

    That was a really spoilery preview. I don’t know if there is even point on watching next episode.
    Not that anything in the preview is unexpected, even without the preview you could guess it anyway, but still…I have kind of a grudge toward spoilery previews.

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