The Dawn of the Witch #03 — Cloaca Shaming

April 21st, 2022


I don't think you're supposed to steam lizards.


This being the only fantasy this season that isn't either unabashed MRA fanfiction, pure fanservice, or both, I'm really trying to give it as much leeway as possible, but it is really not making this easy. I won't deny that it's at least a little nostalgic for such a throwback style show to ten years or so, but it'd still pale even to things like… I don't know, Legend of the Legendary Heroes? Eight minutes to start on everybody blushing, about being horny teenagers, about magic spells having a verbal component, about being horny furries… or is it scalies? All just to regrow a lizard limb or two. Then, when we finally end that, it's time to take a bath, and with bath, comes recap and flashbacks, which is where we spend the next five minutes until they remember "Oh right, bath scene, should probably have something besides naked dudes flashing their cloacas at each other." From that would follow a montage of stills, most also fanservice, with another bath scene or two.

At this point, we're fifteen minutes through the episode, and it's time for a character to just flat out recite her character sheet. Again. Okay, now we're eighteen minutes into the episode, having spent the entire thing in baths and doing recap, and here comes a completely random kid because we stumbled into literally a random encounter, and worse, we don't have the budget for it, so here's two absolutely ridiculous looking speedlined up shots. But hey, it's an encounter, and kicks them to some creepy orphanage with a blind probably-mage eater. And it only took us goddamned twenty minutes to get to where the episode should've been by the time the OP played. And next week, bondage boobs.

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  • NeclordX says:

    Im about to make a drinking game of these show. Every time the loli sits on a table and flashes her panties you have to take a shot.