Summer Time Render #02 — And Now, The Stabbings

April 21st, 2022


If we could stop using the fourteen year old as fanservice bait, that'd be swell.


How many gratuitous panty shots and bath scenes do we need exactly? I get it. Sex and horror goes together. Friday the 13th wouldn't be the same if it was a bunch of retirees or 40 something dads on a drinking trip instead of horny idiot teenagers. But we're kind of half-assing the splatter horror side here too. I'm not sure if it's a direction choice or broadcast censorship though. Kind of seems like both, to be honest. When the stabbings start, things get both blurry and they cut to it all happening just to the side of the screen. If we're going to do the splatter horror thing, let's get visceral. Don't be shy.

But at least there were still stabbings, and for his face-plants into boobs and walk-ins on naked fourteen year old girls in the shower, the protagonist is still doing a lot better than most this season. Which is a little weird since so much of this is still internal monologues, but because it doesn't dwell on any one scene for too long, and there are plenty of stabbings to worry about, it's more him speculating and trying to understand, rather than simply narrating self-obvious events and reciting factoids directly to the audience. It also helps that he's already trying to take control of the situation, document and understand what's going on, and change what he can to save people. It could still stand to move things along a little faster, especially the weak ending to the episode that was… again… bad T&A.


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  • ark noir says:

    shadows > og versions

    and its not even close.

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