Kenshin Blader #12 — Final Form

April 2nd, 2022


Really no giant transforming robot?


I guess at least it went out stronger than it's been for most of its run. Pulling an eviler organization out of their butts as an excuse to recap and montage all the unique characters from its run isn't the most creative move, but at least pretending to be an actual serious sentai show made the silliness of the designs and characters work a little bit better than when it was trying to be overtly funny through yelling simply because it's ridiculous. Being a goofy sentai played straight works much better for the jokes than screaming the same gags over and over.

The terrible animation and awful CGI still weren't helping either. Those really seem like things they should be leaning into, making it deliberately super cheap and awful like a half-assed stage play, rather than just regular poor animation. Especially if you're going to do a bloody five minute montage to cheesy insert song. There's also something kind of funny about the 'main' hero getting less of a moment than anybody else in the montage. Him being inept and a joke seems like it could have (should have?) been a running gag, and certainly not serious.

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