In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki #01 — The Language of Flowers

April 9th, 2022


Is mostly yelling.

Shikimori is one of those super-late airing shows. It's the last thing for today, but it may take a bit, even not accounting for it apparently being full of plague, but we'll get there.


Another show where the 'jokes' I enjoyed the most were not the jokes at all, but when it absolutely slammed the screen with flowers to drive home how much of an innocent, unplucked virgin she is. The whole premise is hard to even wrap your head around. They have no idea what men are, but men are also wandering the forest about a five minute walk away, but also also they're really, really horny for them, and each other for that matter. This is a very horny show overall, though maybe that goes without saying given the hojillion flowers and eggplants that it can't help plaster over the screen. All the subtlety of a brick to the face here.

I guess if you're just here for horny girls ovulating all around, it's… uh, that, but there's not a whole ton else. It is better animated than it needs to be, though won't be making any highlight reels either. The first half was definitely stronger than the second, at least serving as an introduction and over the top imagery was some kind of notable feature. More of an overall structure or plot to hold things together would have served it well because the second half was already into abject filler territory and the screamy side characters especially are more annoying than funny. Let's go practice. Oh, someone said "boys!" and she got flustered. Not much of a script to hang your hat on, particularly only ten minutes into the show.

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