Cuckoo’s Fiancee #01 — Faces You Can Hear

April 23rd, 2022


I'm already exhausted by this show.


I feel like this might be an "old man yells at kids" kind of post, but I'll try to restrain myself. The recent trend of a manic pixie girl to be the insta-wife for no particular reason while the protagonist overreacts is not one I'm a fan of. Lord knows that this kind of show has been around even in the 'good' age of trashy slaspstick fanservice, in the form of things like Amagami or KimiKiss and such, but even To Heart realized that it was probably better if one of the harem was a robot maid for no particular reason. Or maybe it's that despite the stupid faces, it's really not much of a comedy. Which begs the question of whether it's any kind of drama or romance either. This episode wasn't overly concerned with being any of those, instead choosing to focus on how there's a harem, and here's the first three members.

Speaking of which… She's rich and the stereotype of females on instagram that MRA types rail against. He overreacts and accidentally sexually harasses her, but luckily, there are some stereotypes of males on instagram that MRA types rail against for him to beat up. This is sandwiched between the other two harem members, his stepsister (or whatever you want to call her), and the airhead-yet-savant rival. Then it declares that this is totally a romance. Yeah, I can tell that from all the groping, sexual harassment, constant camera focus burning a hole in the girls' chests, and screaming. Literally the only bona fide this episode had about any kind of character was spawning a bunch of what-the-kids-call simps for the protagonist to beat up and make her swoon over before reminding us that this is indeed unabashedly a harem. Pick a lane.


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