Birdie Wing #02 — Spurious Precision

April 12th, 2022


Great CGI, as usual, guys. Not like golf games have been doing this for twenty years.

For the record, the second episode of "Quit Being a Hero" was entirely spent harassing the blonde by repeatedly showing how much better the hero is than her while she boobed about helplessly. Friend Game continued to mince about pretending that yelling large numbers and excessive exposition and exhaustively explaining every single thing that happened was somehow super dramatic. Both were somewhere between exhausting and godawful.


Not that I'm wild about this one either. Now that the zaniness of the first episode has worn off, this episode settles backwards into exactly what I originally expected this show to be, a brainless, banal golf routine. Blondie has power and natural talent. Richy has passion and magical golf senses. They golf together with spurious precision explaining every little thing, as all cliched sports affairs apparently must do, so it takes almost fifteen minutes of the goddamned episode to cover just four swings. Gone are (most of) the crazy hustles and fighting weird criminals through golf.

There is one very short bit where Blondie hustles a mini-golf hustler, which begs more than a few questions about the existence of mini-golf hustlers, but mostly, it's just "Yay golf. Yay friendship." They could've escalated things to a ridiculous level, or gone more of a Caddyshack/Happy Gilmore route, or even just leaned in to the completely ridiculous angle and all kind of nonsensical golf powers like Keijo's schtick, but Blondie's 'bullets' are apparently the whole gimmick, start, end, and finish, and all the rest is friendship and golf. One of which you can get literally anywhere in anime, and the other, you wouldn't want anywhere, anime or otherwise.

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