Birdie Wing #01 — Golf For Lunatics

April 5th, 2022


We should all have the same confidence as the parents who name their child Chris Christina.


I will say this for this episode, while it may not have the same energy as something like Keijo, it was definitely written by a similar brand of lunatics, which I would call a good thing. Hell, the episode starts out with a illicit golf bet on the train tracks where the protagonist, one 'Chris Christina,' which is a fake name but real name, faces off against a dude cosplaying as a rapist and a clown. She taps into her golf powers, turns naked… no… past naked right down to the muscles, turns the golf ball into a bullet and fires it between a speeding train's cars. All the while, crazy-ass RPG battle music is playing at full blast. She then goes off to fight corrupt police to protect the bar-orphanage. The rest of the episode is spent embarrassing rich girls at golf by screaming at golf balls, turning them into tree-destroying lasers. 

No part of that above paragraph belongs together, and I cannot say in good faith that it works or functions as any kind of cohesive package, but it's absolutely better than just doing a completely straight and serious golf show. Almost everything about this screams that the people making it really didn't want to be making a golf show and went out of their way to learn as little about it as possible, and quite frankly, I sympathize and cannot in any way say that it's any the worse for it. I have no idea why we're listening to hot jazz for putts, or why the animation budget at the end of the episode suddenly dropped to absolutely zero and it devolved into nothing but stills of reactions either. This episode is just kind of complete chaos on almost every level.

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The other protagonist.

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