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April 8th, 2022


Well, that's unsettling.

I have no idea where Dance, Dance, Danseur is. Late airing TBS shows, man. They're always annoying. Simulcasts fix this a lot of the time, but… it's MIA and I don't much expect to like it anyway.


I figured as I tapped F5 yet again that I'd take a glance at the new season of Date A Live. After all, it came from the time where trashy light novels were battle royales with super powered fanservice-friendly harems, and while it was a pretty poor iteration of such, it at least did have people punching each other and whatnot. So if it's still going, it might still have at least some of that, or at least be eyecandy as I thumb through server logs. Of course, it was neither, and I regret everything. The lack of trashy fanservice is the real headscratcher. Isn't that the whole reason it exists? We're in the fourth season, and all you can muster is one or two walk-ins on not-even-half-naked girls and one stumble and grope? Putting on a fetish maid dress is it? This was sometimes the baseline for genuine action-focused shows, something they would do without comment or not, not the high point. God help me if I ever get desperate enough to look at what Strike the Blood is up to as it goes into its sixth or seventh OVA.

Aharen meanwhile was about the same as the first episode, although adhering even tighter to Komi's track by also introducing a screaming stalker character in the second episode is certainly another strike against it. Again, it's at its most okay when its being just a bit silly, like the segment with him forgetting to zip up and her hovering over his crotch to provide censorship. But that's still only it being okayish, and a screaming ninny added to the cast definitely does not help, nor does it continuing to have absolutely nothing in the way of direction or story. I'm not asking for Hamlet here, but the barest minimum of any kind of sticom cohesion just to make it not feel like a couple random half-assed scenes haphazardly tossed together.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tachi says:

    Men you mixed the series of date a live with aharen you need to separate them

    • Aroduc says:

      I’m not sure I do.

      • Tachi says:

        You did it check the images of date a live iv and aharen. One is date a live iv and one is from aharen, it’s like one from date a live iv and one from Aharen-san. They should each have their section: a post from date a live iv and another post from aharen as you have ogra separate series and not together like this: Dance Dance Danseur

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