Tokyo’s 24th Ward #11 — “I Want to Re-Kill Her!”

March 30th, 2022


Another episode of the protagonists waffling over whether to do anything.


I'm annoyed that the show didn't end this week. I may just ignore next week's episode purely out of spite. I'm not sure it could be any worse than the last two weeks. Nothing about the writing here makes a single iota of sense. Their precrime system is now randomly declaring that people are terrorists, so the cops just go "Well, whatever. No evidence for any of it, but gotta arrest you anyway 'cause the system says so. Besides, it'll protect you from the roaming gangs of murderous vigilantes living out The Purge that we can't be bothered to do anything about." Uh, kind of think you can, dude. This and yet another flashback to how Asami is just the best most innocent and perfect person ever to be stuffed in a vat are how we spent the entire first half the episode.

Most of the second half was spent with the protagonists having a screaming argument over who had the best rationale for mercy killing her. I want to kill her because she's in pain! No, I want to kill her because the whole system is bad! I want to kill her because I failed her before! Dudes, you're arguing over who has the moral high ground in killing an enslaved friend. At least argue that she could be saved, or that there is some greater good to this dumb pre-crime machine… except you can't do that, because it's instigating The Purge. Also, we're taking one random idiot's word that she is irrevocably dead and there's no way to communicate with her at a ridiculous amount of face value when you're getting phone calls from her on a regular basis and literally nobody has tried to do either thing. Seems like something that should probably be worth an attempt!


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