Tokyo’s 24th Ward #10 — And Now, American Politics

March 23rd, 2022


Strangely both out of left field and comically on the nose.

Aiming to have the spring season preview up Sunday. All I'll say for now is good lord, am I ready for the "reincarnated with cheat powers" trend to go by the wayside. I'll take a whole season of nothing but landlord harems at this point to make it stop.


What a weird episode. I mean, the show was already weird to begin with, but the first half was basically "So, who knows anything about American politics these days?" For a while, it was rambling about using Not-Facebook and massive datamining to target people to swing a close vote. Then we jumped to the other side discussing how they absolutely needed to disenfranchise people to prevent them from voting. Meanwhile, we have mobs of vigilante rapists for conservative government, and mobs of anarchists just wrecking up everything out of generalized spite. Kind of feel like your magical pre-crime system might be missing a few things here, guys.

In any case, this continues to limp very slowly and dumbly to its non-finish line. The one boob lady is perfectly fine and spills the beans on the whole thing to the second of the protagonists. If he follows what the first one did, he'll sit on his ass and do nothing for the next month too. Meanwhile, practically all of the females in the show are threatened with rape or death by angry mob, sometimes being flashed in the streets. By the good guys, of course. Even the blonde one didn't immediately throw fists. What a disappointment. I'm pretty sure she used to be up to punching tornados just for the sheer hell of it. And that's the episode. Mobs going after women (man, does this show love to menace women), and a recycled monologue infodump to review the entire plot for a second protagonist out of three. Not really cruising towards a finish here.


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