Tokyo’s 24th Ward #08 — Clowning Around

March 2nd, 2022


What has the clown even done again?

No special reason why this is delayed. Just had a vet appointment this morning and threw off my whole normal routine, which because I don't care much about this show, just made me flat out forget it until lunch when the thought occurred "Isn't there some Wednesday show?"


This show is just baffling. It half-assed any explanation about a creepy social mind control and super power system powered by the half-living corpse of a sacrificed girl doing anything good and we're just running with that. Meanwhile, the supposed antagonist clown, who hasn't done jack squat for the entire time except take credit for a disaster after the fact, turns out to be yet another government conspiracy, one that random thugs are also apparently in on. How is this connected to them randomly getting calls and mindjacked by the dead girl? Who knows! There certainly is no direct line connecting these things. Oh, and dude's hacked into the system for like thirty seconds and has made contact with her consciousness? You don't say.

But what does any of this have to do with this episode? The vision this week was that a random lightning strike at a construction site would cause the cranes to go completely berserk and kill hundreds, except the clown would be there to fix things at the cost of their life, so they have to choose whether to sabotage the clown or to let the clown die. And the clown is Boobs McGee, and by dying, they mean unless she got prompt medical attention. Also she told glasses about ages ago, along with telling him that the dead girl is not, in any what whatsoever, dead. They're hiding it, and continuing to… uh… use the evil mind control technology anyway because somebody might be upset if they found out their dead daughter wasn't really dead after thinking she was. Yes. How horrible that would be. We definitely need to spare their feelings, no matter how many we kill or enslave. 

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