Rust Muncher Biscuit #12 — Magical Mushroom Beam

March 28th, 2022


We've all given up, writers.


And so we come to our inevitable end. Now that someone's magically come back from the dead, why not also have arrows that dissipate laser beams? He shoots once, destroys the beam, and blows it in half. Then they spend the next eight minutes lamenting how it's invincible unless they can figure out the weak point… which through a shocking revelation, they figure out is its brain. I feel like we could have come up with that without taking five minutes to faff around. Oh, and it's a suicide mission to break the mask, except not in any way shape or form? It spends so much breath pontificating on things just for them to be a 10 second little smack and run. At least she got to do something. Poor Pinky got relegated to third banana explaination that the brain is the weak point.

And thus we end. Had the animation been better, the pacing not been so jank, and it not been so comically PG in how badly the characters wanted to jump in the sack, it would have been at least recommendable, but alas. Milking a character 'death' and then bringing them right back to life with god powers is something of a theme for this season, and none did it with any success, leaving that as a real stain on the last few episodes and robbing Doc of the whole taking-over-the-legacy thing he had going for about half an episode. 


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