Rust-Eater Bisco #11 — Contrivance Upon Contrivance

March 21st, 2022


The girls just decided to roadtrip, I guess?


You know, anime writers, it's probably best not to spoil the entire episode in the title. Just a friendly suggestion. I for one am extremely shocked that the exact scenario I predicted would happen last week ended up happening… after two entire episodes of faffing and stomping around. Not only back from the 'dead,' but completely fully healed. Falling into the rust magma actually somehow restored all the randomly lost limbs and probably whitened his teeth too, why not? Nothing has any meaning this season. Everybody comes right back from the dead better than ever before.

Nor was it helped by the pacing still being slow as molasses. After all, where would the story be if we didn't check in with the random kids and whores from the first few episodes? They sure were important characters. Especially children giving speeches about how the soul of patriotism lives in its citizens, not the land. That's, uh… quite the philosophical ideal for a twelve year old. And they have a spider sense about Bisco living on inside the death titan too? Man, is there anything these magical orphans can't do?


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