Rust-Eater Bisco #10 — Attack on Giant

March 14th, 2022


I'm tired of ginormous monsters for this season.

Oh, right. Daylight savings time makes all these air an hour off from before. Oops.


I want to just skip ahead to the end where we undoubtedly find out that Bisco and/or Evil McEvilface are still half-alive in the core of the giant murder machine. Excuse me, the giant constantly crying and moaning murder machine. I'm sure that's nothing. But unfortunately, the pacing has once again defaulted back to slowing to a crawl. The giant awakens, so here's a few minutes explaining that it's giant and evil, as if that wasn't self-evident from it being a giant monster spewing death in every direction.

Then we cut over to Pinky for a few minutes only for everybody to be ignoring her and… uh… just leave her to go back to watching the plague titan stomp around and spew explosions for the rest of the episode. It'd probably feel a little less tedious if the animation was better, but we're definitely no Kabaneri. They tried at least a little with Doc hopping on a plank to snowboard… for about three seconds, but most of it was just the big CGI dummy groaning with pans in and around it groaning.

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