Rust-Eater Bisco #09 — Brute Interrupted

March 7th, 2022


Is your doomsday gun seriously an elephant?


Four episodes from the end is not the most convincing place to kill off both your main and only antagonist, and your titular main character, especially with so much shroom magic flying around. The preview for next week seems to indicate that the giant death robot exposited about this week will be taking over the role of big bad, which is… uh, certainly a direction, and one I might have more faith in if the show had made a habit of offing major characters and/or didn't have shroom magic everywhere. Your credibility may be higher than Ranking of Kings, but not that much higher. 

But I guess that means that we avoided either of the two random hulking brutes who popped up, the director declared "We have no animation budge for this," and then they got immediately dispatched in not just a couple seconds, but only one or two frames. The horrible budget in this show is doing things no favors whatsoever. The rocket-brute vs Bisco was especially just embarrassing. It popped up, shot some rockets at the walls, then fell into the goo. It was like the Indiana Jones scene, except not a joke. Even the big showdown was pretty lame. Bisco tanked every bullet and the evil dude ranted nonstop about how evil he was. At least the cave conversation continued to have the hilarious unaddressed sexual tension between them. 


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