Princess Connect #23 — The Horrible Loitering

March 14th, 2022


Oh no. They're standing there and sometimes yelling.


Despite the antagonist finally getting up off her ass, the pacing here was utter crap as well. But that's what happens when your evil army of shadows can't be bothered to do anything but loiter around. How ever will our heroes defeat this evil army of… immobile CGI blobs that are just sitting there? Truly never have they been in a more dire situation. But also, the monsters are defeatable by a dude with a broom. I think the most positive thing you can say about any of the 'fights' in this episode is that it's clear they at least weren't wasting any money animating them, even the brief sparring between Boobs and Cat, which was pretty much just one jump that I'm 75% certain is recycled footage.

Anyway, only the power of friendship will be able to save the day, but that's for the finale, so instead, let's go to the peanut gallery on the opposite side of town for a grand exposition dump to repeat the explanation of what's going on. No, not that peanut gallery, the other peanut gallery. And by what's going on, just that the evil, uncaring woman presiding over the apocalypse with a twisted sadistic grin about everything is evil. Yeah, shocking, I know. Frankly, the narrative overall would probably be better if she wasn't a usurper and it was the proletariat rising up against the abusive, uncaring bourgies, not citizenry upset that royalty has been denied their god-given right to rule over them. Hell if I know why this crazy witch even wants the kingdom or what she ever planned on doing it. Maybe something we could've been working on instead of sitting on your ass for the last 23 episodes.


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One Lonely Comment

  • Joshua says:

    You see this? This is the MCU-fication of anime right here, mixed in with the content soup nature of the shit Disney+ shows that keep on piling more and more to the shapeless “plot” to keep kicking the can down the road with more and more fan service for those observant fans and “geek” sites to point at, and teases for more shit they’ll throw at us in the future, mixed in with godawful self-aware “jokes” meant to pass off as irony, and millions of dollars (or billions of yen in this case) thrown at big setpieces designed to impress the seal-clappers in the audience and sakuga community. Just wait until we get to the “third-act” CG orgy that plagues all of these MCU films.