Princess Connect #22 — “Check Out Our CGI Demo Reel”

March 7th, 2022


Those sure are some CGI pillars and knives.


Despite being half the episode, the protagonist side of things is basically not worth mentioning this week. They go to a fair. Tits McGee thinks about telling the others about her schtick but ends up not. The end. The other side is a little bit better, but how much is going to depend on how much you like indistinct explosions from a distance and CGI things zwipping and zwooming around at basically random. It's not even really that they're pulling new powers out of their asses every four to five seconds. Batman has an endless array of random gadgets on hand, after all. It's that no matter what gets whipped out, we then cut to a distance shot, explosion, and then they emerge unscathed to deliver some line like "A pocket dimension of ether water? You thought that would beat me?"

Nor helping things was the ending, which leaves things on a scene that is utterly crippled by its direction, but especially the music. After about the first thirty seconds of hyper melodrama slow-mo, it's pretty certain that the villain will not be defeated here. Probably shouldn't have declare it was over some five minutes before the end of the episode, lady. No, Cat-Face's ring activates, teleporting her to be the scapegoat while Evil McBoobs clones and teleports herself to stab Red in the back. Just writing that sentence hurts my brain. It's a good thing they didn't try to animate it and just focused on the non-death of… uh… whose her face, the red admin chick. May she rest in peace… for probably half an episode before she's undoubtedly back on her feet again. Her role as being… uh… a warm body to provide the blood on the cat was certainly truly important.


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One Lonely Comment

  • Joshua says:

    All I can think of was how long is this going to go on before this show finally decides to throw up its hands and treat us to the equivalent of a Marvel third-act designed to give the animation sakugatards orgasms and be entirely noisy and stakeless for everyone else? This content soup can’t go on much longer.

    And now I hold my breath, close my eyes, and bury my head in the sand when this show decides to stop the yuribaiting, and just go flatout woke for all of that virtue signaling.