Pretty Magia #08 — Buster Blader

March 5th, 2022


At least Horie Yui and Yukari Tamura are still getting work.


Oh, right. These two idiot Pretty Cure knockoffs were a thing. I guess we're doing a segment with them again. They're pretending to interview to infiltrate the evil organization, and… uh, they're sort of bad at it? As in the jokes are things like they only change their names slightly. Couldn't we point out that the evil organization provides full dental but being a magical girl is unpaid dangerous labor that the government expects you to do out of the goodness of your heart? The bare minimum? No? We're just kind of going to go through a 'normal' (ie Japanese) interview process until they snap and start ineffectively shooting lasers? What a segment.

The second bit was Kenshin Blader pulling a second form out of his butt and them getting depressed about their failure. Again, you'd think this would lead to some incisive remarks on merchandizing in the sentai space, or at the very least, escalation with everybody suddenly having second, third, fourth, fifth, etc forms, but instead, it's used to try to do an emotional "gotta do our best" bit. Could not for the life of me tell you why it keeps serving itself up soft balls and then not even bothering to take a swing.


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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Maybe I imagined it, but Megitsu saying “we didn’t fail,” (or whatever he said), and Kuroitsu’s dejected face afterwards would be hilarious if it leads to the sentai/Sailor Moon trope of the bad guy being stuck with no monsters and meeting their end after being forced to fight themselves.

    I doubt that’ll happen, though.