Tokyo’s 24th Ward #07 — Suddenly, A Mime!

February 23rd, 2022


I honestly miss tuning out to dumb fanservice slapstick.


They needed an extra week to create this episode. I want to make sure that is put out there and known when I proceed to write the following sentence. The most exciting thing to happen this week was when one of the protagonists got lost in his thoughts when taking a bath, accidentally drowned, and was saved from getting mouth to mouth by an insecure teenage girl by a local mime. Feel free to read that sentence as many times as you need in order for it to make sense. Or give into the nihilism and utter despair that apparently runs the production of this show in all regards.

No part of the writing makes any sense, even without random EMT mimes. The law and order dude has jumped 100% fully into running the Minority Report mind control social engineering project powered by the living corpse of his friend without even a second thought. He's totally fine with the criminalization of his friend, who is running a webcast explaining the criminal conspiracy from the previous arc, and also okay with not dealing with the criminal conspiracy itself because it helped develop said monstrous nonsense. As long as we're arresting the poors, at least. Eat your heart out, American prison complex. Also, apparently entire months have passed, and the evil clown who declared vengeance through his weather control machine has just gone away after having… what has he done since declaring his existence? Created that one emblem in the sky?


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