Tokyo 24th Ward #05 — ASMR Kills

February 2nd, 2022


You wouldn't download a marijuana.


What a dumb episode. Super hacker dude's music app became the vector for some random mafioso to spread… uh… a magical auditory drug which you download from your phone that drives people to beserk rages and/or suicide, and when he tried to go to his friends for help, they were too busy screaming their own anti-drug berserker rage about how evil drugs and everybody associated with drugs are, so he decided everything was his fault, and the only thing left was to assassinate the guy. So the good guys decide that what they need to do is steal the hard drive that the drug kingpin carries everywhere with him that contains, uh, the source code to the internet drug and all the evil plans, I guess, which they just plain immediately screw up because their plan was to just jump at him and snatch it out of his hand, so the dude tries to blow them up so the government flavor kid orders him sniped. Where do you even start with all that? And why is grandma just sitting there placidly while he talks about bombing, drugs, and other criminal activities right in front of her?

The stupidity of the… everything… wouldn't have been so bad if the whole episode wasn't nothing more than a recitation of it. There is nothing to grab onto here except the weird ass story about a 'drug' that apparently literally nobody realizes is not a drug at all and bizarre reactions to that from every single character. At least half of it takes place in flashbacks, leaving the protagonists not driving the story in any way whatsoever or trying to prevent the tragedy and ultimately failing, but… well, not doing anything. Playing catchup, I guess. Not even organically. Just random flashbacks about ridiculous things being reacted to in ridiculous ways. They were barely even there, which is a Not a Good Place for the characters who should be driving the story to be!


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