Rust-Eater Bisco #08 — The Villainous Monologue

February 28th, 2022




At this point, they may as well just call mushrooms magic. I guess we were already partially there, but they were mostly just using them for random apothecary stuff and exploding out of arrows, not psychic mind control. Also, there's a second type of zombie too. Mushroom zombies. Which the evil dude is secretly using, except for right now when I guess he decides to not bother. Feels like a lot to take in, and that's before we get to the goddamned ten minute villainous monologue explaining that not only is everything a global conspiracy (again), but that he's the one who's personally responsible for all of it, and that he's also an evil mushroom wizard. Which apparently the old guy knew all along and just neglected to tell anybody? Great job.

All the glaring and monologuing unfortunately doesn't leave a lot of room for the action in the episode, which does lead to a rather unintentionally funny scene where the old dude jumps out and declares that he'll hold back the enemy for them to escape, only to literally immediately get taken out. Again, great job, dude. Could've at least let him shoot some zombies for a few seconds, but nope. That might strain the budget. And I'll also note that all the big dramatic nonsense last week accomplished was that Bisco showed up five minutes later than Milo. They didn't even rescue either people. They kicked down the door, told the baddie what he wanted, listened to his timeshare pitch, and then ran off again.

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