Rust-Eater Bisco #07 — Just Do Each Other Already

February 21st, 2022


That goes for all of you. 


Well, she certainly switched sides fast, and went straight into the horny for the rest camp. Admittedly, she was already there for her brother. I still expected a bit more than one little clash before she was whispering seductively in the dude's ear. Anyway, this was another of the episodes like the zombie one that had the opposite pacing issue of usual by blasting through stuff. They find the mushroom, but it's the wrong one, wait, no, it's the right one and we have the panacea for the plague now, but wait, here comes the evil dude to announce on a loudspeaker the entire criminal conspiracy, apparently on a multi-week personal jaunt. Man, op-sec for dudes in bunny masks is pretty good. 

The last third of the episode then went all CW on us, with half the cast suddenly captured, not from the initial encounter with the evil dude but a later one, and the other half having a punch up over how much they care about each other and who gets to be the sacrificial lamb. The silliest part was the repeated insistence that Bisco is hurt as he carthweeels around his giant crab in a swamp. At least show him wincing in pain when thrown forty feet into the air by a horny crustacean. And yes, apparently the villain to which our giant monster slaying heroes are going against is going to continue to be "a dude with a gun and questionable evil army dress code." Man, this really really needed another editing pass.

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