Rust-Eater Bisco #06 — Random Encounters

February 14th, 2022


We're really cruising through the biomes randomly, aren't we.


I really don't mind the pink thing, but I don't think the show's immaturity is doing it any favors. This is one of the cases where a little sex would probably help liven up things, especially the relationship among the thrupple. They're desperate people alone in the wilderness, and lord knows from all the blushing, clearly horny as hell. Shying away from it feels more awkward than engaging in it would, especially as all three of them are constantly flirting with and seducing each other. You don't whisper seductively in someone's ear in a platonic way, doc. Yes, even the dudes. This is a post apocalypse thrupple. We're past modern day sexual classifications.

Yes, I am rambling nonsensically. It again wasn't a very eventful episode. They complain about needing supplies, randomly find Pinky again who has supplies, go to a place for yet more supplies, pinky randomly wanders off for no particular reason, and then they fight some quite literally random monsters that spawned out of thin air. The last five or so minutes of the episode did not follow the rest in the slightest. Hell, they started out with the most emotional and seduction-heavy bits right from the get-go instead of building up to and ending with it. The composition of scenes should have probably been reversed.

Next Episode:

The sister is dumb.

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