Rust-Eater Bisco #05 — Random Zombie

February 7th, 2022


I don't think fish teeth should look like that.


At least there was an A plot and a B plot. That made the still poor writing at least not feel quite as horribly paced as the past episodes. That said, neither side was particularly good either. The sister's side especially easily felt like it could've/should've easily been a full episode. Hell, there's a goddamned zombie out of literally nowhere that's just used for one little scare about how these crazy people are apparently building zombies. It belches evil dust, she jumps away, and then all of a sudden, they declare that they've lost and the only thing to do now is to activate the self-destruct. Didn't even fight the zombie or anything. 

On the protagonists' side, they come across a village of kids, and as always in anime, children are unassailable paragons of virtue and honor. Not saying it needs to go full Lord of the Flies, but I question the ability of a bunch of 10 year olds to hold together a functioning society in the middle of a giant monster apocalypse. Anyway, like the aborted zombie plot of the other side, it turns out they're not really sick at all, and the horrible giant puffer fish with human teeth swarm that is the ever-looming disaster randomly show up and are dispatched within about a two minute span, which begs the question of what the point was. To flex on kids, I guess, which I'll admit, is always a noble aspiration. But it's not like these kids wowed anybody with their competence, teamwork, or pluck either, or did anything but yell about the big puffy fish with human teeth. 

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