Princess Connect #20 — Suddenly Drama Filters

February 21st, 2022


Why are all the characters of the week in this season shrieking idiots?


At this point, I think I'm just in it for the hope of another over the top super animated sequence at the end. Lord knows it's not the story. This week's was a hodge podge of nonsense, haphazardly thrown together without rhyme or reason. Here's some new girls, one of them shrieking desperately about her brain being stolen, juxtaposed with a few just doing slapstick. Because of course we'd throw that together. The protagonists pick them up, dump them off at an inn, and then, apropos of nothing, it suddenly becomes an episode about Pecorine and Kyaru's touching friendship for literally one scene. These two have basically nothing to do with anything at all in the rest of the episode, but by god, are we going to crank the sparkles and drama music up to maximum for this one scene out of nowhere before pitching them back into the bin because it's time to do the same for the resident golem. You can tell it's emotional by how oversaturated the visuals get out of completely nowhere.

By the time we finally get back to the characters of the week, it's to show that their bear stick is haunted, and the monster now revealed, proceeds to giggle and float. Doesn't attack even once, unless you count inducing tearful weepy flashbacks in characters incapable of three syllable words or a coherent thought, which in itself is kind of an achievement, I guess. It does split after being attacked once, but not to worry, because attacking it a second time does the trick, no muss, no fuss. Boy, what an exciting encounter that was, so it's back to loud schtick in this very cohesive, very sensical episode.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Joshua says:

    With each episode, it’s becoming clearer and clearer how much this show is fitting that film critic’s op-ed definition of “content” that I linked back a few weeks ago. A shapeless blob designed to meet the quota of what is seen as recognizable to the fanbase every week (i.e. throwing in more cameos of your favorite waifus from the game in this series), throw lots of money at it, and watch as those fans all lap it up like pigs to a trough.

    The Konosuba director evidently wasn’t brought on to bring his vision to the series ala what James Gunn did for The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker (and those were really fucking great because he was allowed to do whatever he wanted with them), but instead have his comical touches stripped away for a bland, easily marketable batch of “content soup” much like what Disney is doing to all of those indie directors they are poaching to direct multi-million dollar Marvel/Star Wars tentpole films and Disney+ shows. Creator-driven works and adaptations are a dying art sadly, all to please the brand/image-obsessed corporations.

  • Joshua says:

    Also, wow that yuribait thrown in. CyGames going full Disney here. Next week, you’ll suddenly tell me that they threw in that trap character just to throw in identity politics into the mix for that virtue signaling.