Princess Connect #18 — “Oops, All Exposition”

February 7th, 2022


So much for last week's budget.


I did explicitly say last week that I don't give a single rip about the dumb convoluted MMO-or-not schtick that is the story, except insofar as it's an excuse to develop the characters or push them into fighting, adventures, or whatever. Characters drive the story, not the other way around, and what were the characters doing this week? Listening patiently? Glaring? Declaring that what they truly wanted was to eat and have fun before being kicked out? At the very least, make it organic, not a couple demigods who pop up out of nowhere to do flashbacks, particularly when you're cutting away from zombie invasions headed by giant possessed monsters.

So an entire episode spent sitting around basically recapping the previously unseen story to date and explaining how it's even more convoluted than that with its own time loop nonsense centered on a character who is a barely functional golem at the best of times is not a continuation of what the previous episode finally got right. Least of all when it ends where the previous episode arbitrarily cut off, teleporting Boobs right back to mid-slice to finish off the actual golem, making this whole exercise almost entirely a 20 minute aside that was about half flashback, again, trying to ascribe character, drama, and pathos onto a barely motile sack of flour.


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  • Joshua says:

    I don’t want to go on another comment diatribe blasting this show and comparing them to Disney, but I will refer to this op-ed from a film critic that just hits the nail on the head so much:

    This guy articulates everything that I have to say about everything wrong with our current “content” culture. Can you believe how people are foaming at the mouths at the previous episode’s “muh sakuga” fight *and* last week’s (not really a show about) Boba Fett episode involving a disturbing deepfake Luke Skywalker because “muh nostalgia”? It seems this is where we’re at now: shapeless pieces of brand synergy shit designed to sell you crap by pouring money into trying to impress you in any way to distract you from their storytelling deficiencies.

    Don’t think, only consume.

    • kenuran says:

      “I don’t want to go on another comment diatribe blasting this show…”

      Yes you do. You do it almost every week. Like a broken record. God, you are as boring to pay attention to as most of the anime thats airing this season. You cant change anything by mindlessly going on and on about a piece of ultimately harmless supplemental material from one of the many mixed media franchises CyGames owns. Especially on an anime blog.

  • Joshua says:

    Okay, so I lied that I was not going to stretch this rant further, but well, isn’t it disturbing in our current corporate streaming culture how we’ve been conditioned to accept this model of “content” designed to appeal to everyone, attempt to offend no one, and ultimately fall off the face of the earth mere days after the binge? It’s all just one elaborate way for these companies to harvest your data (with your personal info as well) just to sell you more fucking shit with targeted ads, whether it’s another fucking Baby Yoda Funko Pop, or another gacha game with a new event that introduces a new fucking waifu to gamble your drops on. Keep these docile folks in their perfect comfort zones, don’t rankle them one bit, and they’ll gladly consume like pigs to a trough.

  • Joshua says:

    And wow are the sakuga-tards cumming all over the previous episode. All of that effort and staff all in service of a glorified gacha game ad. CyGames sure are making this anime industry better for everyone right? Gag me.

    No better than the “praise” heaved at the latest capeshit Marvel movie with the obligatory third-act CGI orgy.

  • Joshua says:

    Actually read a synopsis of this episode and I can’t believe these tards really thought playing the “this media was actually about TRAUMA” card would give them instant praise for this artificial pathos they’re creating from this shapeless “plot” for their glorified gacha ad. What’s next? Adding that trap into the series so they can do a gender identity episode for that sweet virtue signaling much like ZLS before it?

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