Kenshin Blader #07 — One Night Stand

February 26th, 2022


Did we forget to write jokes again this week?


Maybe I'll spend the next month of weekends doing long overdue site health stuff, like updating the sidebar and/or creating a new/better landing page for the translation patches because lord knows I've abandoned the message board to the wolves. Another month of episodes like this fills me with a bit of dread more than anything else. I legitimately don't know what there is to say about this episode. It was split into three parts, a drinking party with the gang that was mostly just an excuse to rub boobs on the chicken, a date-but-not-really between Wolf and Kuroitsu, and a training montage for that one random minion girl.

The thing that all three have in common is that they forgot to write any jokes for them. Or story. Or… anything really. The closest things to a joke was stuff like "the chicken lets out steam because girls are touching him" or "Wolf wants to beat up some punks to look cool, but then Kuroitsu beats them up first, so she makes a face." These are barely sight gags at best, and not something that can carry entire eight minute sequences. Could've just jumped right into a one-night stand with the girls and then subverted it in some way, or gone full soap opera corny nonsense in overdrive. Also how you could've amped up the training montage at least a bit. Go full Rocky parody instead of just one little referential shot. But we just spin our wheels, having exhausted our premise and just able to reference back to it on occasion. 


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