Kenshin Blader #06 — Busway, Fresh Eat

February 19th, 2022


How are we still only on episode 6? I am ready for it to be over.


I'm not actually sure I can think of too many decent angles for a Valentine's Day segment for this show, but luckily, the only one that this really went with was "dress the girls up in fetish outfits." Even the one overly serious dude in a frilly apron was more of a joke than most of that segment. Maybe could've played up that more? Or built off all the creepy stuff in chocolate? Or if you really wanted to pick a fight, just done a bit about how Hershey is way the hell more evil than these 'comically' evil organizations. Let the protagonists fight against a real evil organization for the raw chocolate materials to create their newest dumb fanservice girl.

The second half somehow managed to be even worse, but I will admit that I chuckled at the Busway sign in the background. Probably just because it made me do a doubletake. The art of the pun background sign is really lost in Japanese media. Anyway, it's back to the rival group to do more rival sparring things in fur bikinis. The hydra girl continues to be wasted. You'd think they'd at least mimic that prolific meme with one of the heads being a derp, but is girl, is hydra… that's about it for her. Even Dizzy has more relevant jokes with her autonomous wings.


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One Lonely Comment

  • Dr. Mauser says:

    If you look, one of Hydra’s heads IS kinda derpy, the one with the black eyes.

    But I too noticed and appreciated the Busway sign. Much more clever than Wackdonalds.