Kenshin Blader #04 — “It’s Idol Time”

February 5th, 2022


It's never idol time.


There's so much more they doing than just "management says no, and also management is a vampire." And yet, that's how we spent almost the entire first half of the episode until they went to a goddamned idol concert and got all weepy over how wonderful idols are. The very half-assed punchline at the end of having used it to secretly steal her cells was not nearly enough to make the whole sequence worth it, particularly the crying over how great and emotional and wonderful and perfect idols are; a surefire way to incite my ire every single time. They could have at least gone much more elaborate in the schemes upon schemes, or just fully Looney Tunes/Pinky and the Brain plotting, schemes within schemes so you could do the fake-out over the out-of-nowhere idol emotions crap, instead of… well, nothing. 

I'm not even sure what to say about the second half. It was kind of an introduction to a super strong girl, but she was also barely in the episode, existing mostly just to blow up a random monster that was yelling at a kid over a crepe for the punchline that blowing it up was bad. But the show lacks the budget and the guts, figuratively and literally, of something like Dokuro-chan to actually do hyper-violence as an effective gag, and traumatizing children doesn't work well as a joke when you're not actually covering them in blood and viscera. Getting just poofed is not anywhere near the same.  


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