With a Dude as a Girl Etc #01 — I Have a Mouth and I Must Scream

January 11th, 2022


How do you do, fellow children.


My god, the screaming. It just… It never stops with this show. From start to finish, it's one long protracted cacophony of howler monkeys yelling at the top of their lungs. Ironically, Kugumiya Rie using her regular voice instead of the nasally Shana/Louise voice is one of the few brief parts of the show that is not aggressively trying to inflict tinnatus on everybody in a half mile radius. And what it is trying to pass of as jokes… "I AM CARRYING HIM NOW AND HE IS IN A GIRL'S BODY AND A GIRL'S BODY IS SOFT AND SMELLS GOOD AND LOOKS PRETTY AND SMELLS GOOD AND IS SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "HE IS CARRYING ME AND HE LOOKS SO COOL, WAIT I AM NOT ACTUALLY A GIRL AND THIS SHOULD NOT MAKE MY HEART RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The most positive thing you can probably say is that it's trying to be more of a tsundere kind of parody wearing the skin of a godawful reinarnation in an RPG thing, but it's just recycling the same gags with an added "AND I/HE IS ACTUALLY THE OTHER GENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!" We all know Ranma 1/2 existed. Why not steal some jokes from that instead without all the sex pests? Or at the very least the martial arts and blissful calm. Christ. Who could ever describe one of Rumiko Takahashi's things as calm? But in comparison to this scream-a-thon, it's downright placid. I want to hear again.

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