Tribe Nine #01 — Base Wars

January 10th, 2022


People were paid to create this.


Let's all stop and appreciate the beauty of the premise here. Gangs of roaming teenage murderers and anarachist are plaguing society, so the government's response is to pass a law that all turf wars need to be conducted through baseball, but not just any baseball, extreme baseball, where the only rule is that there are no rules, except that there are innings, outs, positions, specified numbers of players, you need the ball to tag people, umpires to enforce the rules, etc. So not so much no rules, as it is lax enforcement of equipment. Somebody was paid to write this script. Possibly multiple people. I would have loved to see that legislature. No, we're not increasing funding to social services or national security. Yes, we need an army of robot umpires that we're going to be deploying across Japan to referee children's baseball. 

Like a lot of these FUTURE! SPORTS! EXTREME! BODACIOUS! shows though, marveling at the premise and the silly character designs is close to as much entertainment as I can wring out of it though. It's not nearly as over the top or as action packed as it thinks it is thanks to the usual stopping to constantly explain the rules nonsense, and most sports shows already features people turning into dragons or pretending like they have literal cannons for arms/legs, so doing it actually-for-real literally isn't actually that big of a leap. And even less so when you're also doing the metaphorical super power as a batting swing alongside that. When you strip that stuff away, you're left with just another generic sports show. Dude is assaulted by random bullies, dragged into sport, reveals self to be a prodigy, joins team. It's not as well produced as something like Sk8. It's not as zany as Keijo. It's not as character driven as HaruKana. It's a generic sports show with somewhat stranger character designs and a few more explosions.


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