Tokyo’s 24th Ward #03 — The Fridging Will Continue

January 19th, 2022


Now with evil clowns who control the weather.


On one hand, after futzing around for half the episode, it actually remembered what the premise was and did some of the super powers/saving people from catastrophe thing again. The problem is that the catastrophe in this case is that a tornado would spontaneously appear out of nowhere in the middle of the city in during a sunny clear day, and the only thing that could be done to save everybody was to… uh… clear up traffic, I guess. But they couldn't cooperate, so their old teacher died anyway. All of this turns out to have been the grand plan of an evil clown who has hijacked the broadcast systems and apparently has a weather machine. I'm starting to think that every 40 minutes, the show is just going to skip the rails and careen into a pie factory.

I guess at least it's something, though my god, a spontaneous tornado in the middle of a city and the heroic response is to clear up traffic congestion? I feel like between the neo-terrorist hacker and the mayor's nepotastic son, you could come up with a better evacuation plan than that. Meanwhile, the police are taking a very blasé attitude towards the dude who is single-handedly throwing dozens of cars into the ocean for no reason. I'm with the blonde lady who immediately pulled a gun on the obviously super powered lunatic. You would think that alone would be reason enough to start a panicked evacuation, but everybody was placidly standing around staring at the tornado anyway, so it's questionable if these people are even human at all. 


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