Tokyo’s 24th Ward #02 — The Dead Girl Blues

January 12th, 2022


An entire episode of flashback montage.


This episode unfortunately blew too. We could've jumped straight into fighting tragedies, super heroism, hunting for the truth behind the ghost, so on and so forth. Instead, they decided that what we really needed was a series of flashbacks explaining that the dead girl was their friend. The red head went around on a thank you tour to each of the colored ninnies, triggering flashbacks for each of them about how the dead girl was… uh… supportive? The perfect flawless girl to have been stuffed in a fridge and have been sacrificed to the plot contrivance god? An entire episode dedicated just to characters sitting around thinking about the past for no real reason.

It was fine to just assume that we understood that she was important to them from the first episode. You know, because they were friends and/or family. If you really need to add specifics for some plot reason, start with the plot. Get things moving first. This is technically the third episode, and two of them have been spent just spinning its wheels, waiting for something to happen. Why? What is this adding? What does this develop? What does this change that we didn't already know? 

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