Tokyo’s 24th Ward #01 — Hyper Dynamic Okonomiyaki

January 5th, 2022


Please stop drawing detailed animal buttholes, Japan.

If the screencaps seem a bit disjointed, it's because this was a double length episode.


There's a lot reminiscent of a GoHands show here, but with without any of the radioactive glow that surrounds every character or the rampant abuse of CGI. Unfortunately, it's missing a lot of the style and flair too. Still has the same ridiculous writing. A couple of punks start screaming about a street, uh… not looking nice? So a protagonist headbutts them and everybody cheers for him having stuck it to the man. Then the animators apparently decided that the most important thing to highlight was some super dynamic okonomiyaki. Why? I have no idea. But there was more imagination and effort put into that one bafflingly incomprehensible scene than in the previous three shows combined.

I haven't even mentioned yet that the premise is part of Japan is Australia, three dudes with cybernetic super powers are haunted by their failure to save a sister of one of them from a fire, and are all searching for the criminal responsible, but also getting magical cyber ghost calls that implant visions of future tragedies into their heads while enhancing their cyber powers. They also all have their own themed Gal Fridays, two of which are themed hyper competent stalkers, and the last chases dogs onto train tracks. There's also this one random blonde cop lady who keeps popping up to kick randoms' asses or race off to fight trains. Uh… yeah, the show takes a bit of a turn around the halfway point, to put it minorly. A turn that involves an extremely over-animated close-up and zoom through the ear canal into the brain stem, because our animation priorities are not to be understood by anybody.

It's certainly better than the previous three shows today, but the first half was very much spent spinning its wheels compared to the second. It was not cohesive or particularly sensical though. If it runs with how silly it is, it could be amusing enough. It certainly throws a whole lot at the wall without any real concern for explaining itself or anything that's going on. I'm more okay with that than explaining every goddamned thing in exhaustive length. You would still think they could have spent more animation effort on the parkour and less on ear canal exploration and special dynamic cooking.

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  • The Phantom says:

    I genuinely laughed when they called them RGB, red green blue.