Sasaki and Miyano #01 — Free Bonbons For All

January 9th, 2022


Is this really a thing that teenage boys do now?


Boy, we do love our ugly generic pastel backgrounds and random geometrically shaped sparkly bubbles, don't we? The titular Miyano character has no personality or presence whatsoever, except for the one time he blurts out how he fantasizes about one of his friends having sex with his roommate, which he announces to his friend. The other titular character is introduced as being unable to respect personal space, but is also a tortured misunderstood soul, perpetually being beaten up offscreen, which must be kept a secret for some reason, except here comes the other main character to dispel all the darkness just by his mere presence and… let me recheck the dialogue here… how silky his hair appears to be. I don't know what you were shooting for exactly, but I feel safe to saying that you missed.

Most of the episode is just random cutesy vignettes; excuses to vomit up another pastel background and sparklies to show how much emotion and whatever is in the air, whether or not anything justifying them happened. It's almost like they're just a transition interstitial half the time. Much of the time, it's just the one big dude fantasizing over the little dude's physical appearance, which totally isn't creepy or fetishistic at all. Some of the scenes get extra nonsensical too. What teenage boy's friends don't bring entire boxes of liqour bonbons to distribute to all acquaintances? It's a secret you like gay manga, as you're openly talking about how you fantasize about pairing off random men you know. 

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