Rust-Eater Bisco #04 — Arthropod Meet-Cutes

January 31st, 2022


I feel like the balloon bug should have gotten caught on the teeth coming out.


This show continues to be immensely frustrating with its godawful pacing. Hell, we start out by having Bisco explain that they need to be travel quickly because this place is dangerous. Then they recap that they need to travel quickly because their friends are sick. Then they explain they will traveling quickly on the pet giant crab because it's dangerous, which means that we need to go through a whole meet-cute sequence with the goddamned crab, which would be followed up by a second meet-cute with the pink girl, making this episode basically more introductions, this time to an arthropod and a character I guess we're just totally rebranding. I still don't think she actually has a name yet. But I think the dumbest moment would be at the very end when they yell out "Oh no! She disappeared and took all my money! Oh, wait, she also left a an entire crate of supplies in my lap." Somehow an entire box of supplies mysteriously appearing in front of you is not the first nor second thing he notices.

It probably also didn't help that the monster of the week spawned out of literally nowhere and also needed a solid 3-4 minutes of explanation as to what was going on and why anybody should care. It's a giant snail that feeds on fossil fuels, is covered in randomly firing cannons, headed towards the place that they wanted to go, a fossil fuel mine that is extra doubly explosive and weak to cannons. Good lord, people. Take a breath and/or come up with something a little more pointed, especially if you're just going to unceremoniously shoot it in its glowing weak point and call it a day. 

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