Rust-Eater Bisco #03 — The Grand Mushroom Conspiracy

January 24th, 2022


To be told again and again and again.

Miss Kuroitsu's terrestrial broadcasts on Sunday were all re-runs of episode 2, but Bandai Channel apparently still has episode 3 on its schedule to go up today. Not sure if it actually will or if they haven't updated their schedule, and it 'airs' quite late, so we'll see.
E: Nope. It finally got marked as delayed as well.


If you could just solve the pacing, this would at least be decent. The characters are generally fine. There's some kind of story, though I really don't get why it keeps bouncing around chronologically. Well, the animation is still kind of bad too. They put a little bit of effort into the sparring match between Boobs and Grumpy, but that clearly came at the cost of the ending sequence, which was almost embarrassingly poorly animated and in no way, shape, or form any kind of climax despite the loudly playing hero music.

But it gets sucked into long exposition dump after long exposition dump, usually where it has people in two different places, sometimes even times, explaining the same thing to multiple people. Not even well either, where the two different conversations are put together into one whole that gives the audience a complete picture. Here, they were just straight up repeating each other; having the same conversation upwards of three times in a row. Not even for any real reason because in most of them, the other side just screams about how it's all a conspiracy and lies. Nor is it interesting stuff either. Mushrooms are good. They are anti-plague. But the government lies. Not exactly something that needs to be repeated three or four times in this episode alone, leaving us with an episode that was about five minutes of actual content and at least 12 minutes of repetition.

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